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I have worked on a wide range of projects from small business websites to large scale projects heres a few i'll be adding more soon

Latest Projects (More Added Soon)


Welcome to the virtual event website for UPS's HIVE project! Originally intended for the Dubai Expo 2020, the HIVE project has been transformed into a virtual experience due to the global pandemic.

During my time working on the UPS Hive Project i was mainly in charge of on the spot bug fixes and adding new content. We encountered many issues syncing the site up to the launch of the VR experience but as we were working within a close knit team we were able to delegate and work effectively to ensure they had a smooth launch and the site was ready to go.

Project Image

Clinton's Card (Shopify)

During my time with Clintons, I had the opportunity to contribute to their whitelabel Shopify website development.

My role involved resolving bugs, adding new content, and ensuring a seamless launch of the new site. I take pride in my involvement and the valuable experience gained from this whitelabel endeavor.

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This was another one of my whitelabel projects, this time for the Mellors Group.

My responsibilities included adding new content, resolving bugs, and ensuring a smooth launch. We were tasked with building a White label CMS for the management of their engineering tasks.

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